Kwe-kwe, ahnee, sago, hello!

We're excited to be touring across Canada this summer...

...and we've just released our new video that's titled 'AK47'! This song is about peace and challenges our way of thinking to imagine if we could use man-made tools of destruction in a way that creates more love and kindness on this earth...because we should all be living together peacefully. ShoShona also has a few words to say about the song:

“This song is very personal and emotional for us. Especially in the wake of the horrific events in Orlando this last week.

‘AK47’ is about opening fire on hate, oppression and violence. Not with bullets and guns; but with the full force of love. This song is about peace and courage and the idea that its time to change the whole paradigm. Stop the violence, against each other, ourselves, against the land.

There’s an Anishinaabe word in the chant at the end of the song that distills it all for me; 'Nizoogide’e'. It means 'My heart is a stronghold'.” 

We're so excited to share this new song and video with you; much love!!